Kody is the most successful Power Wielder of all time. He had studied the Power for many years in the Great Library of Hoto, Kody is not well known for his cions though. Most of the time people underesimate his skill untill they've fought him, in which after doing so they usually wind up dead. Kody is the main character of my series. But there is alot more to Kody than the series reveals. In his childhood Kody was a boy living in the Rere Mounains, though he was trying to find out what his perpose in life was. Kody lived a happy life there with his parents and other members of his family. Kody also had problems and flaws like you and me aswell, he was quick to anger, and was coufused often, Kody even got into a lot of fights in his preteen years. Kody eventually got rid of confusion but never did he rid his anger. Once when Kody was twelve, he was fighting another boy and punched him and the other child just layed on the ground with six broken bones screaming with pain. Not something you can do with a meer punch. Kody eventually got rid of confusion but never did he rid his anger.

As Kody grew older he had a great longing to be a powerful swordmaster, wielding a sword in the army of Blazack, Kody's home country, was considered the highest honor you can achieve, besides becoming a Power Master. Kody had dreams of becoming a Power Master, but thought that he would never ba able to use the Power let alone master it. Becoming a Power Master means that you are the most powerful person in the Universe and there can only be one master. There was a master before Kody but he lived six thousand years before Kody's time.